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Skylights are a beautiful way to accent your home with natural light. Contact Keating Roofing Contractors to assist you with your roof skylights selection process. As experts in the roof skylight industry, Keating Roofing Contractors will help you select the perfect skylight for your home.

Important factors to consider when selecting skylights:

1. Size
2. Placement
3. Energy Efficient Details such as glass finishings
4. UV Protection
5. Durability
6. Price
7. Ventilation

Skylights often come in nine common styles or shapes: flat, round, polygon, dome, pyramid, hip-ridge, ridge, lean-to skylights, and barrel vault shaped. Other types and styles of skylights may also be available.

Contact Keating Roofing Contractors today for all your Skylight and Roofing Needs. Fill out our estimate request form and someone will contact you shortly.

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